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Vision: A community collective that is cross cultural, international and who seek a connected way of living.

Mission: To unite the positive growth movements around the world. This ranges from media awareness to renewable energy, from interpersonal communication to infrastructural organization and from spiritual dedication to scientific imagination. We do this by connecting leaders

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Redefining Reality by Rejuvenation Network

Rejuvenation is a globally minded network of individuals focused on sustainability and ecology, who take responsibility over basic life processes such as growing food, creating habitats and exploring modern and ancient ways of living and working together. This includes utilizing  information and state of the art technology to its fullest, most creative potential. 

The Rejuvenation Network (often referred to as 'PRN') includes land-owners, proprietors of business's, industry specialists, engineers, health practitioners, communications and other experts of mostly any field. The network is diverse and offers access to knowledge & expertise from the grass roots level on up in areas concerning global sustainability.