Brilliant Contact Community™ Team to build
to Oct 23

Brilliant Contact Community™ Team to build

  • 21479 Santa Clara Road (map)
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Excited to collaborate and build community? Have skills and/or simply sweet energy to share?

Come connect at our recently acquired 36 acres of prime farmland in Middletown, California with gorgeous views and 5 minutes from the hot springs. We’re eager to build a 10-bedroom house with spa, dance space, and connected greenhouse. We could build up to 36 homes on this property and we’re wanting your help to design the optimal plan, supporting the natural beauty of the land, for our fledgling community. We're building a development team for the 36 acres and also for bringing the larger community vision into fruition.

Also, we got word on August 16th that the owner of the 2900 acres we’ve been working to purchase nearby wants us to get back to finalizing the legal agreements so that we can move forward on the larger community vision.

Our immediate focus is on the 36-acre property: designing, planning, and building. Relevant skill sets include: land-use planning, architectural design, permaculture and agricultural expertise, spa and other water-element approaches, building planning and constructing, specific expertise around dance spaces, integration of indoor and greenhouse plantings including living-wall technology, and other relevant skills such as those related to communication and experiential learning programs as well as administration, finance, and other support systems. There’s also the need for computer expertise related to our planned community-based system of social networking and trading of goods and services.

Over the longer term, some of which will also be relevant on the 36-acre site, additional skill sets needed relate to facilities for artisans, fitness training, integrative medical clinic, cottage industry, university extension programs, therapeutic health modalities, social interaction, community dining, and quarterly large-scale events for up to 5000 participants.

I’ll be at the property Friday, October 18th, through Wednesday, October 23rd. We’ll have set meeting times on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Take special note of the presentation on Sunday by the architect as described below. Other times are by appointment.

Saturday, 1pm: All are welcome for an introduction. If you've been at a previous meeting, you can arrive then or prior to 2:30 when we will be engaging in team development for those who want to be part of our development team. The development team is relating to both the 36 acres and the larger community development project.

Sunday, 1pm: Again an introduction for newcomers. 2:30pm the architect, Tim Lorenz, will present our initial building concepts and we'd love your feedback and ideas as well. Time permitting, we'll also engage in team development. The major focus will be on the presentation and planning with the architect.

Monday: Same schedule as Saturday.

Meeting place: The living room in the farmhouse.

We’re not in a position to accommodate overnight visitors, but Harbin Hot Springs ( ) is a wonderfully nurturing place to camp or to get lodging. If you want a room there, best to book ASAP as they do fill up. It’s a 5-minute drive up the road from us.

Looking forward to seeing you! :)

Questions? Feel free to email Alex at or call at 707-540-9518.


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Permaculture GTA Launch Party!
12:00 PM12:00

Permaculture GTA Launch Party!

  • 160 Bartley Drive Toronto, Ontario Canada (map)
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We got a launch  fundraiser party for you to enjoy!


It will be at our headquarters in Toronto at 160 Bartley Drive. We will be at the front side.


July 27 2013!


We’ll be serving freshly cooked food for your taste buds , entertainment for your ears, visual art for your eyes and multiple ways to better your life if you wish to join us!


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9:00 AM09:00

Next Wild and Edible Plant Walk with Anna Sienicka


Wild edible plants are everywhere you turn. Not only is it free food, but eating wild plants is a huge stride toward wilderness self-sufficiency. Whether you're planning on surviving on free greens or you just want to be prepared next time you go camping, this walk will help you to get started and build your confidence. You will learn to identify a wide range of wild and edible plants. 

Adults - $20 
Children - FREE

To complete the registration, please visit: 

Looking forward to seeing you there! 



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