Definition & Inception



Project Rejuvenation is a social enterprise and globally minded network of individuals focused on sustainability and ecology, who take responsibility over basic life processes such as growing food, creating habitats and exploring modern and ancient ways of living and working together.  This includes utilizing information and state of the art technology to its fullest, most creative potential while practising wisdom from our indigenous and cultural roots. 

The core members are NOT directly affiliated with any particular religion or belief system, but are avid explorers of human potential and consciousness. Rejuvenation supports traditional and alternative models for healing, commerce, ecology & human development, as are proven effective by means of practical on-site testing, scientific study and intuitive heart guidance.

The Rejuvenation Network (often referred to as 'PRN') includes land-owners, proprietors of business's, industry specialists, engineers, health practitioners, communications and other experts of mostly any field. The network is free, diverse and offers access to knowledge & expertise from the grass roots level on up in areas concerning global sustainability.

Group thought and kind actions are pivotal to developing the trust and sense of belonging within Rejuvenation. The network is active virtually through 18 facebook groups, 3 websites and 2 newsletter series.  Physically, members of the group meets in an variety of fashions. 

The number of 450 participants has steadily increased exclusively by word of mouth since November 2011 when the count first began.  The stage is now strategically set for rapid and exponential growth in developing truly ecologically sound and sustainable life practices.



Project Rejuvenation is the collective manifestation of many brilliant and involved individuals who have contributed time, energy, love and compassion.

Since Rejuvenation's conception in June of 2011, over 450 individuals have been physically connected to Rejuvenation's local network. Within recent steps, Rejuvenation is taking an active role offering consultancy in whole-systems sustainability by accessing the vast talent and expertise of those connected within the network.

Rejuvenations founding Core members were first interested in sustainable living and the personal bonds that are formed in like minded communities.  This germinated the vision of a sustainable Eco-village style community organized mindfully in order to balance the social, ecological, psychological, nutritional, educational, artistic and spiritual components of life. The symmetry would hopefully exist between each community member, the community as a whole, and even the world around.

From conducting research into this vision, it was quickly realized that many individuals share a desire to create communities like these, and that even more individuals desire to live in a place where they experience a state of purpose and fulfilment. The need did not presently exist in the lack of these communities, but perhaps in the lack of common awareness and effective functioning of these communities. Different communities operated to varying degrees of success and it was determined that a resource must be created to assist the vision that each community was created to represent.  Thus, Project Rejuvenation was born.

The ultimate desire is that a greater number of individuals will come to realize the real value in life is not in physical possessions, status or domination, but in belonging, sharing and gratitude.