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What a wonderful life! I'm excited to connect with you in creating home and community. Join us in conscious, intimate, sustainable, creative, expressive, dance, music, artisan, fitness, experiential learning, personal development, organic permaculture, green business, spa, and other health and well-being arts community on 1000's of acres of gorgeous land in California wine country with streams, fertile valleys, ponds, and woodlands on undulating hillsides. If you've ever been to the Napa Valley, you'll have a feeling for what the land is like. We're about 17 miles north of Calistoga.

News flash: On June 28, 2013, we purchased a 36-acre property just 1.4 miles from the major property we've been working to acquire and just up the road from the hot springs. We just got word on August 16th that the owner of the 2900 acres nearby wants us to get back to finalizing the legal agreements so that we can move forward on the larger community vision.


The 36 acres is prime vally farmland with a historic 5-bedroom farmhouse, barns, and a pool. This property is our community launchpad. As of this writing there is still a room available for full-time or part-time rental. We are grounding the team of collaborators who are passionate about bringing the Brilliant Contact Community™ vision into being. The launchpad is our phase one of the larger development and we'd love your participation in creating our initial spa, dance space, gardens, greenhouses, hang-out spaces, and first homes. In short, the 36 acres will enable us to build a mini-version of the larger community in a much shorter time frame so we can enjoy it together much sooner.

Do you have skills and a passion to share? We'd love for you to join us! Get in touch via the email or phone at the bottom of this page. Three of the 5 bedrooms in the farmhouse are now occupied by our sweet fledgling community and I come and go in a fourth bedroom. We're anticipating periodic events and gatherings of the tribe and our next upcoming opportunity is Saturday, September 14th. Check out more details about that gathering on Facebook here.

You can watch a short video of the 36-acre property here.

Explore the other pages of this site for a fuller picture of the features and values underlying the Brilliant Contact Community™.

A number of potential investors and community members have come out to see the land and enjoyed it with great enthusiasm. Contact Alex for upcoming dates to see the land. I'm out on the land about one week each month.You can also send an email to and we'll keep you posted with major announcements.

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Brilliant Contact Community™ on approximately 2900 acres of pristine land in the California wine country a couple hours drive north of San Francisco. It's been a long time coming and 2013 is the year for manifestation. We now have verbal agreements on the land and are in the process of finalizing and signing the legal documents.

Want to live your passion there?
Want to be part of the team?
Want to offer your services and talents there?
Want to live there year-round or occasionally on a part-time basis?
Want to just come and play?

This community is the first of a network that we’ll be creating around the globe. Be a part of it and join in on its creation. If you resonate with conscious, intimate, sustainable community of well-being, we welcome your participation.

Manifest your passion and your vision in joy for you, for everyone, for all life on this garden planet!

PS. If you're inspired to help, please do get in touch and also invite your friends to check out this website.

Brilliant Contact Community
Experiential learning and holistic living in
conscious, intimate community

Your Great Exchange
Facilitating Brilliant Contact and Right Livelihood 

Our focus is to connect and empower those who desire:
• Intentional land-based community
• Personal growth and higher consciousness
• Nurturing the planet so nature flourishes for all life to enjoy
• Integrity and quality communication in relationship
• Expressing the touch and miracle of life through creative arts
• Abundance through right livelihood and freedom to express their deepest callings and heartfelt vocations

Offering the most powerful online tools and physical environment for:
• Collaborating on positive transformation in the world
• Making and enjoying new friends
• Finding, supporting, and celebrating intimate partnership
• Offering your unique gifts and services and receiving those of others
• Creating and supporting intentional land-based community

Want us to keep you posted on our progress? Send an email or, better yet, link up as a Friend on Facebook using my email address below.

Phone: Toronto, Canada (416) 429-2468; 
Santa Rosa, California (707) 540-9518. Email: