Food and Healing


Wholi Granoli


We are a globally focused ecopreneurship combining social enterprise with a quality product. Our vision is to successfully create and distribute a healthy, authentic product with minimal environmental impact that delivers a meaningful and interactive experience to it's customers. Our products and philosophy are based on four founding beliefs:

Community - Nature - Authenticity - Simplicity

Wholi Granoli is food with a story. This new concept will allow our plans for Wholi Granoli to expand beyond the farmers' market, providing the elements needed to reach our financial and custodial goals. Consumers are more conscious than ever, choosing vital foods created by authentic companies dedicated to the environment and good health. At Wholi Granoli we believe that growth begins with a sustainable bottom line; people, planet and profit. In honouring both body and earth we embrace a philosophy and a market demand opportunity with the knowledge that a corporation can be both ethical and financially abundant.


The abundant bounty of nature is plain to see for anyone who seeks to behold it. But unfortunately years of fast-food, grocery store and TV diner living has atrophied our natural instincts and blinded us to the truth of nature’s bounty. Rejuvenation Network’s Wild Foraging and Natural Medicine courses will re-kindle the knowledge of wild foods that lay dormant within every man, woman, adult and child. Join us in the conception and creation of the wild foraging group, connect to experts with years of experience in day long excursion as they show you how to find thorns, thistle, wild herb and medicinal plants that will nourish and heal your body and bring you back to the state of health that Nature Intended.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

.Learn recipes, learn about tinctures, learn foraging, prepare and eat what you forage, all in day-long excursions!

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Revolutionary Gardens CSA Greenhouses


Revolutionary Gardens CSA Greenhouses is currently in the process of creating an off-grid, sustainable, organic food growing project in the Toronto Area. This will be achieved by providing high-efficiency micro-climate-controlled, off-grid greenhouses with both traditional and innovative aquaponic growing, and water filtration technologies, to efficiently produce food of the highest quality possible with today’s technology.

These greenhouses as part of a broader urban agriculture CSA strategy involving communities who need access who healthy food will be a key asset to food security in Toronto and the GTA.  The global industrialized, high-input, export driven agricultural production sector, along with concentrated corporate processing and retailing, is ecologically unsustainable, increasingly unaffordable, unhealthy and unjust, as noted in a recent report by civil society organizations in preparation for the UN Special Rapporteur.  In Canada, food sovereignty means connecting the right to consume food with the right to produce food for local consumption.  Revolutionary Gardens is poised to help build the infrastructure needed to play our part in securing local food sovereignty. We will be working with local organizations, institutions and permaculture land/farm projects, to sustainably and equitably produce healthy food, with and for diverse urban communities.   

The greenhouse pilot is based on the bubble solar greenhouse, a successful model that has been tested in several climates and shows promise for further adaptation. Working with Photonics, an experienced renewable energy and water treatment engineering/build company, and others­­, we will build on the example of the bubble greenhouse to combine the best of current technologies to achieve full year round micro climate control for maximum food production.

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Health & Wellness Coop


The local circle of health and wellness practitioners of the GTA is large and diverse. Assisting practitioners to coordinate their efforts, and providing the public with a single source for review, ratings, discounts and simple scheduling is what the Rejuvenation Coop is designed to do.