Meet the Core

Tasks undertaken by the Rejuvenation Network are initiated by the Core members, and are then carried out in conjunction with all interested parties in the entire network. This section provides a profile of all active members in Rejuvenation that comprise the core decision making team!

Brandon Strickland

  • Systems Architect 
  • Facilitator of Rejuvenation's Core
  • Real Estate & Property Investor, Advisor
  • Martial Arts & Gymnastics Practitioner, Instructor
  • Gardener, Chess Master & World Traveller
  • Explorer of Conscious Evolution,
    Lover of Nature & Seeker of Truth

My driving passion is to see nature restored, and find a place of belonging amongst good hearted and supportive individuals while practising the art of
co-creation on a grand scale.

The lessons I've learned from my various life experiences have taught me the genuine value of gratitude, and acceptance towards what ~is~. Releasing attachments of previously held ideas, limiting beliefs and perceptual forms is a practice that each day offers opportunities for the expansion of mind.

I am honoured and grateful to explore my inner most potential while in the playground paradise we know as Earth - constantly changing, constantly learning.

K.Hollyhawk Hartshorne

  • Rejuvenation Elder Mother & Eco-preneur
  • Global Ambassador of Peace & unified attunement
  • Director of Wholi Granoli
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Ontario College of Art & Design - Media Arts
  • Thai Yoga Massage practitioner
  • Goddess of Vision and Manifestation
  • Business & Finance working group Advisor

My passion is to live simply and authentically. I believe that humans have the capacity for living in unison with the beauty of nature and each other. I am devoted to our planet earth and wish to share my accumulated knowledge, wisdom & skill with those of like vision.

I create supportive environments for transformation and peace. I advocate for food safety and the value of growing clean food & medicine. I feel that by including our children in our journey back to nature, we are reconnecting them to an important source of love & support.

We are in an age of transformative change. Within the Rejuvenation Network, I have found a place to explore my own potential and to co-create with others of like heart.

Chris Wolski

  • Pursuing environmentalism, economics and sociology at University of Toronto
  • BL-Logic programming team
  • IT and social networking management
  • Facilitator of Logistics & Admin. working group
  • Coordinator of Finance & Economy working group
  • Excellent networking, management and research proficiency

I love to learn. My love of political science, economics, and complex systems studies has in the last several years been merged with a new passion for holistic living and balanced personal growth.

Passionate about developing systems of sustainable economics, and seeing the world move through its current social, economic and political transition into something better.

As such, the Rejuvenation Network is a natural extension of my interests and I currently serve as IT and social networking manager as well as finance and economy group advisor.

Joel Simoes

  • Child & Youth Counsellor
  • Student of nutrition & mind/body wellness
  • Culinary & food preparation specialist
  • Dowsing and alternative healing modalities
  • Web & graphic designer
  • Strong aptitude of pattern recognition and critical thinking for arriving at solutions
  • Detail oriented, patient, and dedicated to full completion of projects

The vast majority of my life has been spent navigating what felt as a tumultuous current of tangible physical experiences, swept up in waves of questioning the higher purpose of existence and my place within its etheric structure.

Through this process, I've learned many processes that guide my day to day practices - the schema of detachment from expectations of outcomes; understanding control dramas in human interactions and the tools employed therein; the very essence of what makes a person get up and live their lives!

This mind that ventures to consult with the cosmos, this heart that seeks peace, joy and compassion, are ways for me to express why I have found my way into the Rejuvenation Network. I was drawn to people who think outside of convention and are driven by possibilities of how we can live the fullest life possible. This is my soul-family and I am happy to be co-creating even just a remnant of what my imagination holds.

Ilya Shur

  • Political Science Degree, York University
  • Sales and marketing background
  • Fiction & non-fiction writer
  • Involved in the Research & Networking, Business & Economy working groups

I have a thorough understanding of the trends of political economy as well as deep insight into the Great Shift happening within the collective consciousness and within the global culture in the wake of the information age.

I have been writing for a long time and possess the ability to express information garnered from in-depth research and personal experience with clear and concise language.

I have participated in the Business & Economy and Research & Networking working groups. I had the honor of expressing PRN's vision in writing, and contributing to a Constitution for the New Paradigm. I am preparing a new paradigm manifesto due for publication this summer.

Justice William Law

  • Facilitator: Law and Development Working Group
  • Graphic Design Digital Media Arts Degree
  • Public Speaker
  • Pro Se Activist at Law
  • Work in Organic Food and Wellness Paradigm
  • Natural Health and Nutrition Enthusiast
  • Founder Cloud Surfing Media
  • Intuitive Touch Massage Provider
  • Proponent of Socioeconomic Evolution
  • Beauty of Strength Calisthenics Student

As a conscious explorer of wisdom, on a path of self discovery, I have become cognizant of the causal mechanism which has stimulated the challenges that persist on our planet. We are living in an age where there are many global crises that have appeared in our lives, from wars and economic disasters, and all the disparity that accompanies it, to massive changes in our climate as Gaia rebalances, that places our species on a collision course with our collective unsustainable addictions.

With all that said, I have come to find my purpose. I see that these challenges that we face, are encouraging us, those who have the courage to see, to evolve ourselves to becoming the solutions to the illness that has plagued humanities consciousness.

I contribute to the community, love, gift massages, legal awareness, social networks, highly competent communication skills, social and multimedia technical abilities.

Living holistically in a regenerative ecological community, with locally grown foods, passive and abundant energy, ecological economies, intelligently designed awe inspiring structures, while expressing interconnected relationships formed on love, trust, gratitude, respect and passion, with the fellowship of community members, and the community of humanity, is a well thought out solution to the socioeconomic challenges we have in our human experience.

Logan Elspru Streondj

  • Cognitive Science Major specializing in Artificial Intelligence
  • Programming General Intelligence Operating System
  • Creating Human Speakable Programming Language
  • Permaculture forest gardener
  • Wiccan magic spell caster

I am an Illuminated being, working on an inter-galactic agenda to create a free and spiritual technological civilization that can live in co-operating with biological and other life-forms. GI-OS, when symbiotically joined with an intentional community, can allow for the creation of any product from resources which are available, while educating and otherwise guiding the residents, analogous to the city-brains described by the Venus Project.

Intentional community is a great vehicle for continuity, a package from birth to death, with an integrated retirement plan of close friends, family, children and technologies.

We have had many meetings among the Rejuvenation Network, and gained access to various rural locations which may be capable of supporting intentional communities. It is an ongoing process with evolving relations, working towards a pinnacle that all shall benefit from.

Alisa Alonso

  • Mother, daughter and co-creator of Kedry Kins Domain Eco-Community
  • Creator of
  • Inspired by works of Osho, Eckhart T., Vladimir M.
  • Student of science and practice of natural health, pure diet, detox, plant medicine, herbalism and super foods
  • Healing arts & quantum sciences: reiki, chakra healing, auric vision, telepathy, meditation

I am a seeker of truth. Having a child led me to purify in many ways. After much research, I began to wonder if there was anything truly pure, clean or natural, and if I could create a different and better environment for my daughter. I wanted to try to live lightly and consciously, with respect to the land and our fellow beings.

Being intuitive and waking up to the pulse of the earth, I have cried for it, and for humanity, many times. But we are in different times now, people are awakening to the situation and now we are taking control and making the shift. All the "solutions" that we are seeking are here, let's give each other the keys, open up, and learn to co-create.

My interest is the inner development and growth on my journey to understand peace, love and unity. Past the illusions of ego, we are both students and teachers on this Earth school, and I am happy to be in service to ease the transition from the old paradigm to the new.

Nivaldo do Alamo

  • Electronic Engineering Technician education
  • 12 years Tool & Cutter Grinder experience
  • 4 years experience in lithographic printing
  • Broad range machine operator experience
  • Adept in mathematics, geometry & trigonometry
  • Novice experience in permaculture gardening, earthship building and intermediate landscaping
  • Sustainability and human rights activist
  • Adept technical & interpersonal communicator
  • Graduate of Landmark Forum

I consider myself a deep, introspective thinker with a very well informed world-view. In constant pursuit of knowledge, enjoying truth seeking and dissemination, I often engage in matters of politics, technology, philosophy, and reading up on the latest advancements in spiritual science, neuroscience & consciousness research.

Of special focus to me is learning on latest advancements in sustainable food production techniques such as hydroponic, aeroponic & aquaponics in state-of-the-art high efficiency greenhouses. Currently I'm working to establish a sustainable organic food growing co-op in a climate controlled year-round greenhouse environment.

I believe the course of modern industrialized society is perilous to individual, collective & environmental well being; we must shift from unnecessary fuel consumption and planned obsolescence to responsible resource management.

I feel privileged to be living in these shifting times, to lead by example in creating the change I want to see in the world. Zeitgeist movement and Rejuvenation Network's food development & power/energy working groups have provided me outlets for this manifestation. I believe in the holistic, root causality approach to problem solving because virtually all of our society's challenges are technical in nature.

Also, I believe anything manifesting in physical form is first realized in the meta-physical (form being produced by consciousness, not the reverse). In lieu of this, I look forward to co-creating an intentional eco-community, and continuing to advocate for a resource based economic model where all the earth`s resources are officially declared common heritage of all the world's people.

Tiffany Hyodo

  • Contributor to Finance & Economy working group
  • Project manager & Core Group facilitator
  • Marketing communications professional
  • Yoga, meditation & massage practitioner
  • Promoter of holistic health & nutrition
  • Passion & interest in architecture & design
  • Outdoor adventure & travel enthusiast

My formal education is in Business but my curiosity of life on this planet has resulted in years of intense self study on a wide variety of fascinating subjects. This dedication to better understand both my internal & external environments, has opened my mind & heart, expanded my consciousness and connected me to wide network of incredible individuals.

A large portion of my time is currently focused on my career as a Marketing Specialist in the corporate realm of telecommunications, which involves planning and executing visual marketing communication strategies. Project Rejuvenation has allowed me the unique opportunity to connect with like-minded and like-hearted individuals who wish to simply live life differently. To think so far outside the box that the box doesn't even exist...

My unique life experiences, coupled with my commitment to spiritual growth, expansion and knowledge has led me to cultivate deep empathy, compassion and patience towards the evolution of humanity. The vision I have of living life differently on this planet: a life where the health and well being of the people is of the utmost importance; fuels my commitment to initiating change. Together, we are co-creating healthier, happier, more balanced and sustainable ways of living. This is such an exciting time to be alive and I'm truly blessed to be working with this remarkable group of people.

Abbiyaahwu Asha

  • Business Development & Financial Contingency Planning
  • Corporate fundraising & negotiations
  • Strategic Alliances & Relationship Management
  • Sacred Science and Meditation
  • Self-Cultivation & Connective Healing
  • Afro-Cuban & Caribbean hand drumming
  • Party to the following Working Groups: Economy, Legal & Governance, Power & Energy

I am an Entrepreneur, Researcher, Business Development Specialist and Community development Strategist with a unique multi-disciplined perspective. In addition to 4 years of formal study at York University in Physics & Mathematics, I come to Project Rejuvenation with over 15 years of Business & Community development experience and an affinity for solving complex problems in project management & Strategic Planning.

What excites me most, however, is what I refer to as the field of Spiritual Science, where I use my formal background in Quantum Mechanics, Astrophysics and Fractal Mathematics, to help people form a better understanding of Esoteric Knowledge, Systems of Self Cultivation and Spirituality.

Currently I hold the position of CEO and Founder of Gamers Syndicate.

Anna Wrona

  • Holistic Nutritionist; aspiring Living Foods Chef
  • Essential Oil therapy and massage
  • Colour Light Energy Harmonics
  • Community Herbalist
  • Creator of skin-care products & herbal medicines
  • Human Design Consultant
  • Poet, artist and musician
  • Yoga, meditation and belly dance practitioner
  • Plans on becoming a Homeschooling mother

Among my native friends I am called Sunshine. One of the most creative expressions of my time is singing and dancing, enthralled in the rhythms of the Universe . As a lover of nature and all things sustainable, living in harmony and balance with Mother Earth and the Cosmos is of importance to me. I am passionate about building community, gardens and safe havens nestled in nature. Enthusiastic about permaculture, alternative home building and free energy, I am working towards cultivating a kin's domain for the generations that follow. The simpler life, filled with forest bathing and star gazing, sweat lodges and cleansing waters, drumming circles and energy healing nourishes our souls on so many levels.

     I am an avid student of this sacred life, eagerly learning and deepening my spirituality and understanding through forming connections with others and with my environment. In service to humanity, I help people to discover who they really are at the deepest level of their being, and to empower them to live the life they are designed for. My dream is to co-create paradise on our planet, sharing resources and celebrating with my extended family of like-hearted beings. The time is now and I'm thrilled to be a part of this evolution.

Timaeus Martinus

  • Organic Gardener
  • Herbalist
  • Builder
  • Survivalist
  • Yogi

Born and raised in a small town greenhouse business gave me the experience of caring for plants and understanding the delicate balance of nature. Furthering my experiences through Cubs, Scouts, and Venturers deepened this connection even more so, fostering a sense of teamwork and community. These very concepts are at the heart of the Rejuvenation Network vision, and I stand by them wholeheartedly.

I have worked in the building industry and am expanding my vocation to include natural building materials and techniques. Additionally, I have a thorough understanding of herbalism, plant identification, botany, chemistry and alchemy. Some of my personal expressions are in the form of practicing a diverse array of martial arts, with a preference towards the internal arts of Yoga and Tai Chi / Chi Kung. I bring this knowledge base to the Network for contributions to its numerous projects.

Ruta Volkovskis

  • Strategy/events planning advisor & collaborator
  • Networking agent
  • Ontario College of Art & Design
  • Spatial designer & artist
  • Yoga, meditation & reiki practitioner
  • Promoter of nutrition & living healthy lifestyles
  • Avid reader & passionate seeker of wisdom
  • Ambitious apprentice of Love

Gratitude of immense strength is flowing through my being for every single individual I have come across thus far after I surrendered myself to my passions of self-exploration through love for self and the collective. Nurturing every old and new relationship is an exquisite opportunity to express my desire to live in the World with the Unity Consciousness.

Oneness is not a foreign concept anymore; it is an ongoing journey through acceptance, gratitude and compassion for myself, fellow human beings and the environment. Through passionate determination to being the change I’d love to see projected onto the World, I implement nutrition, meditation and visualization of a greater tomorrow into my daily life.

Desiring to live in the World that is Home to all is no longer an illusion, it is a life we, united, keep building now one step at a time within the matrix of our unique realities. Rejuvenation Network is my home and I see it only expanding onto the rest of the World. I am honored and happy to have found my tribe.

Liz Diaz

  • Life Coach and Creator of Awaken Your Bliss
  • Skilled in the areas of one-on-one, community and international development & empowerment
  • Currently pursuing post-graduate training in Spiritual Psychotherapy, Transpersonal/Gestault Therapy and Shadow work
  • Practitioner of Art therapy, Eco-therapy, Mindfulness Focused therapy, Movement & Dance therapy
  • Trained and educated as a Counselor experience working in the areas of Youth, Family, Crisis, Women, Career & Employment
  • Expert and Facilitator in Authentic Heart-Centred Communication 
  • Enthusiast of the Mind Body Heart Spirit Connection
  • Explorer of Spirituality, Shamanism, Wisdom and First Nation traditions
  • Passion for Travel and Living in Eco & Intentional communities
  • Co-facilitator of Holistic Health Group & World Wide Tribe Network

My vocation and divine purpose is to create and bring forth love and light to all and everything that I am a part of. Passionately dedicated to a world where people can find peace within and outside of themselves. A place where fears and societal conditioning can be released; allowing for healing, rejuvenation and transformation of our true selves to emerge from the darkness into the light. To once again be connected and in balance with ourselves, the earth and the divine. Reaching a state of wholeness, actualizing our divine purpose and birthright to be co- creators of our lives and thus the world!

Intuitively seeking & knowing this truth has lead me to spend most of my life exploring, learning and practicing different spiritual, therapeutic & therapy modalities using these tools as a conduit for my self-healing and wellbeing but also in my work with others to reach their highest potentials.

Felix Quinn

  • Project Manager of Development
  • Member of Professional Engineers Ontario
  • Civil Engineering - Ryerson University
  • Geological Sciences - Brock University
  • 15 years of Construction Management experience
  • Worked “hands on” in various building trades for over 10 years
  • Spiritual studies – Infinite Master Teachings
  • Spiritual Guidance - Oneness Consciousness Awareness
  • Co-creator of “Living Art Sanctuary” 

My interest in sustainable community expanded once I came into contact with the members of Project Rejuvenation. I commit my development and construction management knowledge and experience for this passionate, life changing venture.

My spiritual path became evident to me in 2001 when I was first introduced to 4 th dimensional energy. By learning about how my mind works, I have integrated the “higher psychology” by application of principle in my everyday life. As I continue to integrate within myself, my consciousness expands and I grow ever deeper into ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS with ALL THAT IS. A ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS is BUILT upon a foundation that is constantly changing.

I am a BUILDER. I constantly strengthen and re-build my foundation. I am also in ONENESS with GAIA so as I heal myself, she heals herself and ALL is healed.

My life’s purpose is as a BUILDER…..a builder of the mind and soul!

Pavla Quinn

  • Rejuvenation Elder Spirit working with Gaia and  Universe
  • Visionaries for Eco Creative Organic Sustainable Living Habitats on Earth
  • Creator of LIVING ART SANCTUARY- respecting Universal law,  Mother Earth-Gaia,  Bridging, Connecting, Guiding and Living in Oneness
  • Raw Living Food and Well Being as moderator, consultant, caterer and speaker   
  • Designs & Images - Landscaper Designer, Forest Gardening, Edible gardens, Colour Consultant
  • Professional  Abstract Artist as painter, sculpture, photographer, nature designs
  • I am always creating by connecting the intelligence of the mind and the love of the Heart. Passion, Giving, Oneness, Manifestation, Limitless......

Education in Infinite Master Teachings and  Gaia, The Living Centre- Forest gardening, Herbalism, Raw Living Food, Toronto School of Art, International  Academy of Design, Feng Shui, Hypnotherapy , Courses-Martin Luther University-Germany,  Diploma-Chef and Hospitality in services-Czech, Interest in  Architecture, Alternative Energy, Nature , Eco Systems

My quest for unlimited knowledge and a higher purpose has drawn me to many professions, studies, a variety of people, countless places and to nature. MY PURPOSE IS TO CONNECT and BUILD ECO- COMUNITIES  based on a HGHER VIBRATION. Love and respect myself for who I am and what I do, to change the planet as a reflection to all. Project Rejuvenation came into my life at the right time 2012, as an outlet for me to manifest my creativity. and dreams. Oneness, Sharing, Giving is what I am here for LOVE LIGHT ENERGY.