Land Developments


Rejuvenation HQ

Rejuvenation aims to bring together a group of young visionaries by creating a living example of human potential in a single physical location. Through coordinated living arrangements & revenue generating systems, we intend to operate the location and successfully achieve a series of measurable results.

A suitable location has been decided upon, and Rejuvenation will soon begin fund raising.  Please contact us to receive more information on how you can participate and receive a solid return on an investment while becoming an active participant in co-creating a better world.


Establishing Eco-Villages

This project is at the heart of what sprouted the launch of the Rejuvenation Network. The current phase of this project is in networking and building relationships with landowners and municipalities, for the ultimate goal of identifying and acquiring the most suitable location to develop into a physical intentional community. The goal is to establish one Eco-VIllage that will be fully self sustaining (food, clothing, etc), and be created and operated through the most environmentally safe constructs available at the time. The village will also have a culture of its own, governed by a code of conduct mutually agreed upon by the inhabitants of the village.

Bio Dome

A Bio Dome is a geodesic structure that maintains a tempered climate by duplicating naturally occurring environments in an isolated ecosystem. The bio dome space makes use of natural sunlight and biomatter (such as plants, animal life, and other living organic systems) in order to grow and foster a safe and moderated environment. This space, once completed, can then be utilized for research, social gatherings, for food production, and as a demonstration grounds for other sustainable/ecological innovations. Our bio dome, to be constructed in the spring of 2013, will serve all of these functions and act as an outlet for ingenuity, expression, and a gathering place of truly marvellous creations.

Urban Ecovillage Project

The Project Rejuvenation Urban Ecovillage initiative, is founded on a collaborative effort between industry professionals and ecological enthusiasts to build a self sufficient community in a warehouse or loft.

The vision of this community initiative circulates around the question, "If you could design paradise in the city, what would it look like?"

We aspire to form a large committed buyers group and build a professional development plan that encapsulates legal structure, financial framework, organizational models, architectural design, and sound structural engineering, that is reflective of the highest values and ecological vision of the members involved.

Patterned off successful models from around the world, we intend to create an Ecovillage in Toronto that would be formed as either a cooperative or benefit corporation, where every inhabitant is either a member or shareholder.

Rooftop gardens, renewable energy, living purification machines, shared common amenities, chefs on staff preparing organic meals that are purchased in bulk, while owning your own asset in the form of a private unit at a fraction of the cost that it would normally be, pre-designed to your individual vision. The time is now to intelligently design and create paradise in the city!

Rejuvenation's Rainforest Sanctuary & Conservation Project

Healing and protecting the planet and its inhabitants, while offering space to live in harmony with nature is at the heart of Rejuvenation.  In the Jungles of Peru, Rejuvenation is in plans to acquire untouched jungle in order to conserve and protect the nature existing.  

The same is then available for those within PRN who wish to travel and spend time there, with no financial expectation in return.  Just the respect for nature by leaving no trace and leaving no harm.  Fund raising for this land conservation endeavour is to begin shortly as we believe nature needs to be protected by those who care.