Social Developments


Tribe Networking System


TRIBE is an organizational tool for developing Intentional Eco-Communities and related community projects, events & businesses.

The online networking and organization platform is designed to assist members of the Rejuvenation Network and other Tribe Communities, in connecting and communicating with the extended circle of individuals and organizations wishing to build upon sustainable and ecological life practices. This platform employs a navigational approach to its search functions and offers a high standard of accuracy and detail in virtual profiles, which represent various individuals, event happenings, communities and organizations that are sustainable in practice.

The relevance of TRIBE thus peaks at its ability to act as a central hub that intelligently connects persons to the means necessary for expression one’s passions and innovations, while maintaining a high standard of sustainable living and sharing in the emerging information era.



SolutionsPedia.Org is a website and virtual database showcasing functional and ecologically sustainable solutions.  Solutions are cross categorized by complexity, compatibility, applicability, popularity, longevity, efficiency and cost.  The range of measurement within each category utilizes units-of-account that are relevant to the subjective field. This rating is then objectively compared to other 'like' systems to present it's relative standing presented as a percentile.

Solutions may come in the form of technologies (such as solar cells, building materials, indoor gardening systems, etc.) or methodologies (such as construction methods, financial models, decision making processes, etc.)

The solutions presented in SolutionsPedia, TM, are all chosen on behalf of their ability to provide high levels of efficiency and effectiveness, with low levels of consumption and waste.  Some solutions are already popular and utilized around the world, while others have not yet been recognized.  Creating a measurable standard of sustainability in practice sets a benchmark for discerning which solution best services the needs of the end user.

The over-arcing purpose of SolutionsPedia is to contribute to humanity by providing free and open-source access to information that can assist the public, private and government sectors of all regions, societies and nationalities in service of a collective and forward looking humanitarian goal to restore this planet to its natural state while maintaining a high quality of life.

SoltuonsPedia is a Rejuvenation Intitiative TM, that realizes our future generations depend on our actions today.  The conclusion comes down to an important question.   How do we caring for humanities collective resources?

PRN Documentary Film Project


Independently directed, the Project Rejuvenation Network and the development of the Organization, is being filmed and used as a documentary series of how a small group of citizens of the 21st century began efforts to effect positive change in this world at a pinnacle moment in human history. The idea is to be a model for how to walk into one's power.  To participate in elements of this production, contact us.

Rejuvenation's Collective Community Co-Op


While building a local and international network of intentional and ecological communities, we are offering room for participants of these communities and those interested in the process to become part of the Collective Community Co-Op.   The 3 components of this Co-Op involve;

  1.  Maintaining a business circuit for ecologically sound and sustainable business practices of those within the eco-community circle.
  2. Offering free and equitable tribe amongst members, tool exchange programs, and ride-shares.
  3. Holding a designated space for individuals in transience to stay, work, volunteer, learn, teach and even live.  This service is worked into the systems supporting Project Rejuvenation and is available at all agreeable eco-communities