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Cleansing By The Moon - Get the most out of your Detox

Via our resident homeopathy partner, Anna Sienicka!

"I am extremely happy to announce that my eBook "Cleansing By The Moon - Get the 
most out of your Detox" is done! I did this cleanse last year and had tremendous results. I took copious notes when I was doing it and it took me a year to put everything together so the instructions are clear and easy to follow. It is now ready. This 75 day cleanse starts on a Full Moon, ends on a New Moon and provides a thorough detoxification and rejuvenation of your body. The 75 day process includes 2 Liver Flushes, Lymph Drainage, Candida and GI Cleanse. I also included my favourite recipes at the back of the book. When was the last time you did a cleanse? Do you often feel tired? Have yeast infections, itching eruptions or eczema? Do you suffer from ‘brain fog’? Or do you crave sugar? Do you tend to get symptoms like seasonal allergies, constipation, headaches, fatigue and indigestion especially from fatty foods? Then you would be a great candidate for doing this cleanse! Even if you are generally in good health this cleanse is an excellent way to slow down cellular aging, feel lighter and more energetic as well as keep the health that you already have. Prevention is everything. First 100 copies for only $5.99 All money is going towards our new clinic
Thank you so much!"