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Avaaz Petition: Allow Organic Certification for more modern techniques


"Organic Certification is limited by the vague word "soil": any "soil", even one soaked with agricultural chemicals is, after one or two years, considered good enough for Organic Produce. We suggest to replace this word with the term “Organic Soil”, defined as: "All mixtures consisting of materials of only natural origin (sand, dust, stone, rock, clay, chalk, etc...) and their man made derivatives (i.e. perlite , vermiculite, etc ...), fertilised by nutrients of only natural origin (i.e. manure, decaying plants, compost, etc ...), so that they develop a healthy natural environment for bacteria, insects and invertebrates, of which the composition is recorded, can be certified as Organic Soil."

This allows for innovative, even more sustainable

techniques for healthy food production without pesticides and herbicides (Aquaponics, Vermiponics, etc ... )."