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Opportunity: Permaculture Garden Co-Manager

Organization: Greenshire Eco Farms
Location: Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

Greenshire Eco Farms (est. 2009) of Lindsay, Ontario is looking for one or two people to co-manage our award-winning permaculture gardens. The successful candidate(s) will live on the farm (unless you live close enough to commute regularly). Responsibilities will include but are not limited to all garden tasks, giving tours, attending Greenshire operations meetings, going to farmers’ markets, exhibiting at events and selling/delivering to restaurants.

This position does not pay a cash salary. In return for a commitment and completion of labour during the 2014 growing season we are offering a 3.0% ownership in our 100-acre property and business.* A further 0.25% ownership may be offered each year for the next 4 years to new partners signing stewardship commitments beyond their probationary period. Greenshire land and business have been valued at $500,000 and your 3% ownership share has a value of $15,000. All hours worked will count as sweat equity towards your $15,000 partnership share. Sweat equity is calculated at minimum wage. Payment for labour logged after completion of payment for ownership share will occur through profit-sharing based on percentage of total labour logged by all Greenshire partners.

Please apply ASAP. We are looking for someone to start in late April if possible but no later than May 1st.

• You are a graduate of a permaculture design course OR have equivalent experience. This opportunity is perfect for those who want to own land but can’t afford to on their own, and would like to join an existing permaculture operation and burgeoning eco-community with tailored payment options.
• You embrace the idea of living in a sociable community and the concept of ‘tiny houses’ as you will share housing with another partner and her toddler, an intern who is a potential partner, as well as a renter and his two sons on weekends only. (Unless you live off the farm.)
• You are organized and log garden data for further analysis.
• You are clean and tidy (your self and your habits).
• You are a team player but you also work well on your own.
• You have a passion for clean food, soil, water and air.
• You know your strengths and weaknesses, and are willing to contribute through strengths and work on your weak areas.
• You will have taken a food safety course OR be willing to do one.
• You are enthusiastic and take initiative.

Please visit our website:

Send your cover letter, resume and references to:

Questions? Contact:

Cindy MacDonald or Michelle Nickerson

A New Project in the works...

The vision is to create a place that many call home. A place of sharing, of bounty, of intrigue and community.

Lets create a place that may be a living example for many of the profound changes we wish to see in this world, in the context of equality, resourcefulness, sustainability, livability, and harmonious co-existence with all of nature and mankind alike.

A technical description for this place exists. One that includes the many facets of sustainability, including economics, governance, design, production, social evolution and the points of interconnection between the heart space and our world outside.

Because this is a community endeavour, we wish to invite the community to endeavour. And this is where we welcome you, to participate in this co-creation as a unique expression of the individuality that you are. ..and to bring forth the skills, resources, and experiences that may aid this collective evolution.

Our target piece of property is currently located in the South Ontario region of Canada. More details will be made available soon. Please feel free to contact us for more information on how to get involved! We are planning to make 2014 another special year for Project Rejuvenation. <3  

More to come and hope to see you there :)

Rejuvenation Summer

Here, near right out of the depths of the winter solstice, we again look forward to the coming spring and summer. To help with that here are a few select pictures from Rejuvenation networks summer of 2013. Enjoy :)

Cleansing By The Moon - Get the most out of your Detox

Via our resident homeopathy partner, Anna Sienicka!

"I am extremely happy to announce that my eBook "Cleansing By The Moon - Get the 
most out of your Detox" is done! I did this cleanse last year and had tremendous results. I took copious notes when I was doing it and it took me a year to put everything together so the instructions are clear and easy to follow. It is now ready. This 75 day cleanse starts on a Full Moon, ends on a New Moon and provides a thorough detoxification and rejuvenation of your body. The 75 day process includes 2 Liver Flushes, Lymph Drainage, Candida and GI Cleanse. I also included my favourite recipes at the back of the book. When was the last time you did a cleanse? Do you often feel tired? Have yeast infections, itching eruptions or eczema? Do you suffer from ‘brain fog’? Or do you crave sugar? Do you tend to get symptoms like seasonal allergies, constipation, headaches, fatigue and indigestion especially from fatty foods? Then you would be a great candidate for doing this cleanse! Even if you are generally in good health this cleanse is an excellent way to slow down cellular aging, feel lighter and more energetic as well as keep the health that you already have. Prevention is everything. First 100 copies for only $5.99 All money is going towards our new clinic
Thank you so much!"

Brilliant Contact Community™ Meetup!

Announcing next set of meetings for the Brilliant Contact Community™ on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday October 19th, 20th, and 21st in Middletown, CA. Take special note of the Sunday presentation and feedback session with architect, Tim Lorenz.

These sessions welcome newcomers at 1pm each day and team planning and development for those wanting to be part of our community development team. If you've come before and want to continue as part of the team, come back by 2:30pm at latest.

See all the details on the revised event page description at:

Looking forward to seeing you!


Greenshire Ecofarms, new Rejuvenation network partner!


Were very pleased to introduce to you Greenshire Ecofarms, and up and coming eco-community located near Lindsay, Ontario. You can checkout their profile here, and their website for more information!