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High Park General Meeting

On May 7th, 2012, Project Rejuvenation Network held its latest General Meeting on a grassy knoll in High Park. Around sixty people attended. As we sat in a sacred circle of love and introduced ourselves for the sake of new members, I was struck by the beauty of the scene. The lush green of the grass and the trees almost matched the new green Project Rejuvenation Network T-shirts that some of us, myself included, wore with pride. Green is the color of the heart chakra and represents the love vibe that I always feel in the company of my fellow Rejuvenators, the beautiful wise souls who have congregated together with like minds and hearts to share our visions for a better world. We gather like this to touch base, catch up, announce the latest developments in our efforts, and celebrate our commitment to everything that PRN stands for: liberation, enlightenment, sustainability, and most of all, love for all life. I do not think I speak for myself alone when I say that it’s always an uplifting, inspiring and healing experience for me to spend time with these lightworkers who are undoubtedly the “better angels of our nature.” Some of the main topics discussed at the General Meeting include the possibility of establishing a holistic healing centre at Silver Springs, the agricultural work being done this summer at Alisa Alonso’s family’s property, and of course our ongoing search for suitable land on which to build our intentional community in Ontario. I am certain that the continued commitment and collective intention of PRN’s members will soon manifest the oasis we envision as our new home.

Ilya Shur