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Urban Eco-Community Project

We are proud to introduce yet another interesting project in regards to sustainability into our fold! Below is a simple introduction by our Urban Ecovillage team!


The Project Rejuvenation Urban Ecovillage initiative, is founded on a collaborative effort between industry professionals and ecological enthusiasts to build a self sufficient community in a warehouse or loft.

The vision of this community initiative circulates around the question, "If you could design paradise in the city, what would it look like?"

We aspire to form a large committed buyers group and build a professional development plan that encapsulates legal structure, financial framework, organizational models, architectural design, and sound structural engineering, that is reflective of the highest values and ecological vision of the members involved.

Patterned off successful models from around the world, we intend to create an Ecovillage in Toronto that would be formed as either a cooperative or benefit corporation, where every inhabitant is either a member or shareholder.

Rooftop gardens, renewable energy, living purification machines, shared common amenities, chefs on staff preparing organic meals that are purchased in bulk, while owning your own asset in the form of a private unit at a fraction of the cost that it would normally be, pre-designed to your individual vision. The time is now to intelligently design and create paradise in the city!