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Fall Meetup event coming this weekend!

It's been a while since Project Rejuvenation has hosted a General Gathering open to the larger network, and so I thought to host something modest this weekend at my cottage for Saturday-Monday.


There are lots of places to sleep, but feel free to bring tents too. We will be listening to music, dancing, hanging outside in nature, and discussing strategies for developing eco-villages and other ideas relating to the Core processes of PRN (Project Rejuvenation).

If you are interested in attending but haven't yet met many members of the Core or extended circle, don't let that stop you from showing up and getting to know everyone. Just send me a quick message. 

Also, I ask that everyone attending through facebook please mark themselves as 'Attending' so I can get a clear idea of what to prepare for. 

Bring some food - preferably vegetarian. There is a big bond-fire pit, and a local organic farm next door so some produce can be picked up here too. If people are really brave, you can go for a swim too. But the water has gotten a little colder lately ♥

All and all, come, enjoy & play!
Thanks : )

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