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OASIS Winter/Spring Project Update

Welcome to the sustainable organic world of Revolutionary Gardens. We are presently focused on our new OASIS aquaponic growing facility that’s currently under construction. The OASIS project (Organic Aquaponic Sustainable Integrated System) is our solution to the irony in commercial greenhouse growing operations that produce high levels of greenhouse gases. Our state-of-the-art passively heated Solaroof design consists of a 28’ x 56’ high tunnel structure nestled neatly inside another 32’ x 60’ high tunnel to create a roughly 2’ thick void filled with biodegradable, non-toxic soap bubble foam. This gives our greenhouse a very high heat transfer coefficient of .033 or a thermal insulating value of R30. This temperature coefficient allows the OASIS to retain thermal energy captured from the sun during the day, and help maintain the system’s dynamic equilibrium throughout the night.

We have recently completed the first phase of structure assembly and are ready to begin installation of climate control systems such as bubble generators, bubble solution collection gutters, double wall tank & heat exchanger. We expect to be ready to test these systems by early to mid-February. In keeping with this ambitious construction schedule, we hope to near completion of our massive 1000 gallon, 150 fish, grow bed/floating raft style aquaponic growing system by early March. If everything stays on track, we’ll be ready to start sprouting sometime next month. By this point, Revolutionary Gardens will likely be in a position to accept investor support for the purpose of funding the more expensive PV/Thermal Solar systems for fully off-grid sustainability. Crowd funding is also a possible avenue for funding these.

Any interested parties for the purpose of volunteering, internship or investment should contact the OASIS Project Manager and R.G. founder:

Nivaldo do ALAMO

(647) 206-5448