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A New Project in the works...

The vision is to create a place that many call home. A place of sharing, of bounty, of intrigue and community.

Lets create a place that may be a living example for many of the profound changes we wish to see in this world, in the context of equality, resourcefulness, sustainability, livability, and harmonious co-existence with all of nature and mankind alike.

A technical description for this place exists. One that includes the many facets of sustainability, including economics, governance, design, production, social evolution and the points of interconnection between the heart space and our world outside.

Because this is a community endeavour, we wish to invite the community to endeavour. And this is where we welcome you, to participate in this co-creation as a unique expression of the individuality that you are. ..and to bring forth the skills, resources, and experiences that may aid this collective evolution.

Our target piece of property is currently located in the South Ontario region of Canada. More details will be made available soon. Please feel free to contact us for more information on how to get involved! We are planning to make 2014 another special year for Project Rejuvenation. <3  

More to come and hope to see you there :)