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Our news/blog section offers up to date information and commentary on the various aspects of the Rejuvenation Network. Check back often for news or leave a comment on our latest developments!

PRN Property Hunt!

Over the last several months, we have been busy looking for a property to develop a sustainability centered communal living development; aka an Eco-village :) 

Here are some of the locations we are surveying! We will of course keep you updated to our developments as they happen. news!

We're now in escrow on a 40-acre property just 1.4 miles from the major property we've been working to acquire and just up the road from the hot springs. As we near the expected signing of the paperwork on the 2900 acres, we now have a signed deal on the smaller property and the move-in date is set for June 28, 2013.

The 40 acres is prime vally farmland with a historic 5-bedroom farmhouse, barns, and a pool. This property is our community launchpad. As of this writing there are still rooms available for full-time and part-time rental. We are grounding the team of collaborators who are passionate about bringing the Brilliant Contact Community™ vision into being. The launchpad is our phase one of the larger development and we'd love your participation in creating our initial spa

, dance space, gardens, greenhouses, hang-out spaces, and first homes. In short, the 40 acres will enable us to build a mini-version of the larger community in a much shorter time frame so we can enjoy it together much sooner.

Do you have skills and a passion to share? We'd love for you to join us! Get in touch via the email or phone at the bottom of this page. Three of the 5 bedrooms are already spoken for. We're anticipating periodic events and gatherings of the tribe soon.

You can watch a short video of the 40-acre property here:

The bigger picture, in case you're newly joining us… 

Connect in creating home and community! Join us in conscious, intimate, sustainable, creative, expressive, dance, music, artisan, fitness, experiential learning, personal development, organic permaculture, green business, spa, and other health and well-being arts community on 1000's of acres of gorgeous land in California wine country with streams, fertile valleys, ponds, and woodlands on undulating hillsides. If you've ever been to the Napa Valley, you'll have a feeling for what the land is like. We're about 17 miles north of Calistoga.

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon!

416-429-2468 or 707-540-9518

OASIS Project Indiegogo campaign

One of our mutual friends, Nivaldo, has taken a leap of faith, left his full time job in the system to pursue work that is both spiritually and communally satisfying. He is currently in the last phase of his build and needs a little more to finish his solar-passively heated, off-grid, bubble-insulated greenhouse. He is collaborating with other community like-minded individuals to co-create a CSA! If you want to help checkout his crowd-sourcing campaign:

A solution to yummy, affordable, local, organic fossil-free, pesticide-free food for everyone in the city! Who saids a city can't feed itself!

OASIS Winter/Spring Project Update

Welcome to the sustainable organic world of Revolutionary Gardens. We are presently focused on our new OASIS aquaponic growing facility that’s currently under construction. The OASIS project (Organic Aquaponic Sustainable Integrated System) is our solution to the irony in commercial greenhouse growing operations that produce high levels of greenhouse gases. Our state-of-the-art passively heated Solaroof design consists of a 28’ x 56’ high tunnel structure nestled neatly inside another 32’ x 60’ high tunnel to create a roughly 2’ thick void filled with biodegradable, non-toxic soap bubble foam. This gives our greenhouse a very high heat transfer coefficient of .033 or a thermal insulating value of R30. This temperature coefficient allows the OASIS to retain thermal energy captured from the sun during the day, and help maintain the system’s dynamic equilibrium throughout the night.

We have recently completed the first phase of structure assembly and are ready to begin installation of climate control systems such as bubble generators, bubble solution collection gutters, double wall tank & heat exchanger. We expect to be ready to test these systems by early to mid-February. In keeping with this ambitious construction schedule, we hope to near completion of our massive 1000 gallon, 150 fish, grow bed/floating raft style aquaponic growing system by early March. If everything stays on track, we’ll be ready to start sprouting sometime next month. By this point, Revolutionary Gardens will likely be in a position to accept investor support for the purpose of funding the more expensive PV/Thermal Solar systems for fully off-grid sustainability. Crowd funding is also a possible avenue for funding these.

Any interested parties for the purpose of volunteering, internship or investment should contact the OASIS Project Manager and R.G. founder:

Nivaldo do ALAMO

(647) 206-5448

Revolutionary Gardens Winter Update

A PRN affiliated  agriculture cooperative, Revolutionary Gardens broke ground on their first greenhouse these past few weeks. Work continues apace and PRN and its members wish the Revolutionary Gardens team spirited success in these exciting times :)

Project Rejuvenation, year end newsletter

Hey Everyone!  Welcome, and thank you.


            Many individuals have heard about ProjectRejuvenation, and wondered what it is.   The truth, ProjectRejuvenation is a social innovation that has been growing and taking form over this past year since its inception - beginning with a gathering of like-minds at a cottage near Uxbridge.  The topic was Eco-Villages, and many of these original attendees later became members of the Core team helping to shape and define the network that began growing very rapidly afterwards.

Since then, many of the active individuals have worked together and gotten to know one another by taking hold of life choices on a different scale than most of us had experienced before.  This was done through community minded relationships and trusting hearts. 

A year later, here we are.   And to reflect on all of the manifestations that took form over this past year, and appreciate all of the learning experiences we shared, this first newsletter will outline just what has happened.

First off, many many relationships with other like minded individuals became.  This included being introduced to a lovely family hoping to build an Anastasia style ecovillage in Mt. Forest, which many individuals within ProjectRejuvenation spent time learning, contributing and enjoying time together.  By the end of the year, literally tons of organic and bio-diverse produce was harvested by the family on their beautifully designed vegetable gardens in the emerging community, as well as several small structures had been built. 

Like an apple falling from a tree, and it's seed taking root, another small offshoot of our community also came together to act upon creating an intentional eco-community all of their own.  It's been amazing for all of us to experience the initiative.  Here within the city limits, plans have also been drawn up to create Canada's first Urban Eco-Village, led by our Core members.

SolutionsPedia, a virtual database showcasing sustainable solutions, free and open to the world-wide public, is in mid swing of being developed, and the TRIBE organizational tool is another virtual resource that has been very useful in coordinating action plans on what were once only ideas.  A revolutionary greenhouse design, promising bountiful organic produce during any season, is also being constructed as we speak by another of ProjectRejuvenation's Founding Core members, and entitled Revolutionary Gardens.

In the spring, members of ProjectRejuvenation endeavoured to purchase a pristine acreage near Collingwood called Silver Springs to act as a living example of sustainability and living quarters to some of the coordinators of PRN.  This endeavour did not come to fruition as hoped, but the efforts lent to much learning, and everyone had a chance to practice doing something that was previously never seen as possible had we been acting in independence.

Individuals within PRN have also taken active initiative at living in community, by humbly sharing their homes and living spaces with other individuals in need of shelter.  This has been challenging at times, but very rewarding as we have had an opportunity to practice living the community life that many of us seek, and develop effective tools for harmonious living relationships.

At the years end, many of the original Core members are now re-antiquating themselves with the existing world situation by creating and improving their own businesses and passive income models, and understanding that this independence is necessary in order to be truly sustainable and truly in a position to contribute to others.

Over all, and most importantly, the heart felt connections that have been formed by everyone sharing, playing, exploring and working together has left a permanent impact on each of our being that can never be forgotten.  And now, we, as a group, are beginning our next phase of evolution.  The ProjectRejuvenation Network is being overhauled to serve the wider community base by generating teams committed to coordinating 'like' projects within the local community, actively outreaching to learn how we can further help, and finally to coordinate events and gatherings that serve the social entrepreneur and those of a heart centered being wishing to contribute to humanity and our planet Earth.

Additionally, an action oriented Social Enterprise is now being developed in order to serve our collective visions of a healthier tomorrow even more-so than before.   These shifts will offer many opportunities for individuals to connect with one another, form into action groups and participate on many levels of self actualization. 

We, as ProjectRejuvenation, humbly thank and appreciate each one of you for playing a roll in our life experience thus far, and acting as a mirror for us to better see even ourselves.  We hope to return this favour by continuing to play our part in contributing to a healthier tomorrow for everyone.

May 2013, and the approaching harmonic shift, bring courage, love and renewal to everyone.

Much Love & Gratitude,

Brandon Strickland

ProjectRejuvenation Co-Founder